Nanotechnology-conference NIBS 2018

The NIBS conference from 30 May to 1 June 2018 offers an ideal opportunity to increase your visibility as a scientist, company or other stakeholder in the field of nanotechnology within the Baltic Sea region. You can benefit from an active regional nanotechnology network and get a perfect stage to initiate new projects or start-ups […]

NINa-News no. 7 (German)

Parliamentary congress on nanotechnology in Schleswig-Holstein, 10th anniversary of the research center NanoSyd in Sonderburg/Denmark, Center for Hybrid Nanostructures opens in Hamburg, DESY research services for company, Kiel University welcomes Japanese delegation from Kobe, highlights: novel composite material made of carbon nano tubes, conference NIBS 2018 in Denmark.

NINa-News no. 6 (German)

Nanotechnology in Lithuania,
innovation center RollFlex fosters R2R production, highlights: innovation prize for long-lasting semi-conductors, focus meeting power electronics.

Conference: Euro Intelligent Materials 2017

After the successful conferences in 2013 and 2015, the 3rd European Symposium on Intelligent Materials will bring together experts in the field of intelligent materials to present and discuss recent developments and detect future trends.

North-German competence network for bone healing

A lot of know-how regarding fractures of bones and their healing is located in Northern Germany. The new Life Science North network project “Northopedics” aims at focusing the regional expertise in order to promote innovation activities.

Focused meeting: Functional Surfaces for Clean Oceans

The competence center Greenshipping Niedersachsen, NINa SH e.V. and WTSH GmbH invite you to the joint event “Functional Surfaces for Clean Oceans – Solutions for Anti-Fouling Coatings” on the 17. November 2016.

NINa-Newsletter no. 5 (German)

Nanobiotechnology made by nandatec, nano surface & interface science from the Kiel region, highlights: new competence network orthopedics for bone healing, nobel prize in chemistry for Bernard Feringa.

7th NRW Nano-Conference

The most important conference of the nanotechnology industry in Germany – the NRW Nano-Conference – will take place from 7th to 8th December 2016. Guests from business, science and politics are welcome to participate an enriching and interdisciplinary dialogue about the opportunities, risks and potentials of nanotechnology.

Call for Abstracts: Life Science Student Conference 2016

On Wednesday, 30th of November 2016, Kiel Life Science (KLS), the exploratory focus of Kiel University is organizing the fourth Life Sciences Student Conference in collaboration with Life Science Nord. As in previous years, the venue is the Kiel Science Centre.