Coordination Center Nanotechnology

The Coordination Center Nanotechnology is the central contact for all stakeholders engaged in nanotechnology in Schleswig-Holstein.
The mission of the Coordination Center in brief:

  • Regional, supraregional and international networking, especially involving the Baltic region states.
  • Cross-sectoral networking.
  • Cooperation with other networks and clusters from North Germany as well as from other countries.
  • Representation of nanotechnology-stakeholders from Schleswig-Holstein on federal state- and EU-level.

NINa SH e.V. was responsible for establishing the Coordination Center Nanotechnology in Schleswig-Holstein. The project was supported by the state of Schleswig-Holstein due to the particular importance of nanotechnology for the future economical and technological development of the country. The project received a funding of 326.000 € and ended on 31. March 2018.