About NINa SH

Aims of the initiative

The North European Initiative Nanotechnology e.V., short NINa SH e.V., is a registered society aiming at the advancement of science and research in the field of nanotechnology in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany). NINa’s mission is to interlink parties from Schleswig-Holstein involved in nanotechnology with relevant stakeholders from all across northern Germany and the Baltic region states. NINa SH e.V. provides the framework for the frequent exchange of up-to-date knowledge and experience between researchers, companies, political institutions and other organizations. Thereby new contacts are made and innovative ideas and strategies in the field of nanotechnology are cooperatively developed. Furthermore, the society establishes a supra-regional nanotechnology competence network between all involved stakeholders from northern Germany and the Baltic Sea states.

The history of NINa SH

NINa SH e.V. was founded in August 2013. The society continues the activities of its predecessor, the North German Initiative Nanomaterials (NINa). NINa SH e.V. was founded when NINa’s executing organisation, the Innovationsstiftung Schleswig-Holstein (ISH), ceased to exist. As a registered society, NINa SH e.V. is able not only to continue NINa’s operations in the long term but also to widen its range of activities to the whole field of nanotechnology. In addition, NINa SH e.V. now addresses the whole northern part of Germany and the Baltic region states. The society is financed by membership fees and public grants.

Minister Dr. Bernd Buchholz hands a grant certificate for a public funding to NINa SH’s director professor Faupel in April 2019. NINa SH received 515.000 € grant for the continuation of the initiative.

Minister Buchholz (2.v.r.) hands the certificate to professor Faupel (3.v.r.). In addition from left: Dr. Urny (director NINa), Prof. Koch (decan of the Technical Faculty, CAU), Dr. Döhl-Oelze (director NINa), Dr. Ohrt (executive manager NINa)

Since 01.01.2024, the Nanotechnology Office has been permanently anchored at the Kiel University. Thanks to this new structure, the activities and aims of the association can be continued permanently in the future.