NINa SH is granted 515.000 euros funding

Nantoechnology is a key success factor for the future development of Schleswig-Holstein. Thus, the federal state grants NINa SH 515.000 euros for the establishment of a nanotechnology innovation network.

NINa-News no. 7 (German)

Parliamentary congress on nanotechnology in Schleswig-Holstein, 10th anniversary of the research center NanoSyd in Sonderburg/Denmark, Center for Hybrid Nanostructures opens in Hamburg, DESY research services for company, Kiel University welcomes Japanese delegation from Kobe, highlights: novel composite material made of carbon nano tubes, conference NIBS 2018 in Denmark.

NINa-News no. 6 (German)

Nanotechnology in Lithuania,
innovation center RollFlex fosters R2R production, highlights: innovation prize for long-lasting semi-conductors, focus meeting power electronics.