NINa-Newsletter no. 12

Innovative microtechnology from Fraunhofer ISIT in Itzehoe,
the future of green hydrogen generation and storage from Geesthacht, highlights: additive manufacturing in medicine, nano imaging workshop at European XFEL, aero-material for Laser-illumination.

NINa-Newsletter no. 11

Plasma science and technology at Leibniz Institute INP Greifswald,
hightech meets art at Aalto University in Finland,
highlights: lab-on-a-chip diagnosis for horses, focused meeting plasma in nanotechnology, Kiel University of Applied Sciences opens transfer office in Itzehoe.

NINa-Newsletter no. 10

Innovative shipbuilding thanks to nanotechnology at thyssenkrupp marine systems, energy storage of the future with silicon at Kiel University, nanomaterials for cutting-edge electronic components, myStandards tailors microanalytical standards,
highlights: nanoworkshop in Helsinki, conference-school “Advanced Materials” in Lithuania, 3D-printing of nanomaterials in medical engineering.

NINa-Newsletter no. 9

Parliamentary congress on nanotechnology in Berlin, the Science Center Kiel, Pina-Tec: innovation from the periphery of nanotechnology, implants 2.0 at Acquandas, highlights: nanogeanerators improve magnetic field sensors, functionalized surfaces against bacteria.

NINa-Newsletter no. 8

NINa SH receives 515,000 Euro public funding, TZL: North German innovation through co-operation, Fraunhofer IFAM: innovative materials thanks to applied nanotechnology, highlights: 3D-week Lübeck, NIBS 2019 in Poznan (Poland), safe nanotechnology with CheckNano.

NINa-News no. 7 (German)

Parliamentary congress on nanotechnology in Schleswig-Holstein, 10th anniversary of the research center NanoSyd in Sonderburg/Denmark, Center for Hybrid Nanostructures opens in Hamburg, DESY research services for company, Kiel University welcomes Japanese delegation from Kobe, highlights: novel composite material made of carbon nano tubes, conference NIBS 2018 in Denmark.

NINa-News no. 6 (German)

Nanotechnology in Lithuania,
innovation center RollFlex fosters R2R production, highlights: innovation prize for long-lasting semi-conductors, focus meeting power electronics.

NINa-Newsletter no. 5 (German)

Nanobiotechnology made by nandatec, nano surface & interface science from the Kiel region, highlights: new competence network orthopedics for bone healing, nobel prize in chemistry for Bernard Feringa.

NINa-Newsletter no. 4 (German)

Applied nanotechnology from ETH Zürich, innovation leader nature: focus meeting nanobionik, highlights: global research – Kiel University meets Kobe, 11 mio. Euro for new collaborative research center 1261 at Kiel University, collaborative research center 986 starts into second phase in Hamburg.

NINa-Newsletter no.3 (German)

Linking the networks – Life Science Nord and NINa SH co-operate, Danish-German cooperation across borders, highlights: DECHEMA prize for nanoparticle technology, the world’S first porous liquid, 6 mio. Euro for nanosystem competence center at Kiel University.