4th Conference “Nanotechnology and Innovation in the Baltic Sea Region”

The 4th conference “Nanotechnology and Innovation in the Baltic Sea Region” (NIBS2021) is organized by the North German Initiative Nanotechnology Schleswig-Holstein e.V. (NINa SH eV), the Mads Clausen Institute at the University of Southern Denmark, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, and Kiel University, Germany. This year, it will take place from August 04th to 06th […]

Nano Surface & Interface Science in Medical Technology

The KiWi GmbH, Kiel Nano, Surface and Interface Science (KiNSIS), NINa SH e.V. and WTSH GmbH invite you to the joint event “Nano Surface & Interface Science – Regional Strengths and Applications in Medical Technology” on the 6. October 2016.

Invitation: initiation of cross-border projects

The workshop „Innovative Nanomaterials – Initiation of Cross-Border Projects“ offers Danish and German companies information about EU funding. The event provides a framework for the exchange of ideas for R&D projects in the field of nanotechnology. The workshop is a cooperation of NINa SH e.V. and the University of Southern Denmark.