NINa-Newsletter no. 4 (German)

Applied nanotechnology from ETH Zürich, innovation leader nature: focus meeting nanobionik, highlights: global research – Kiel University meets Kobe, 11 mio. Euro for new collaborative research center 1261 at Kiel University, collaborative research center 986 starts into second phase in Hamburg.

NINa-Newsletter no.3 (German)

Linking the networks – Life Science Nord and NINa SH co-operate, Danish-German cooperation across borders, highlights: DECHEMA prize for nanoparticle technology, the world’S first porous liquid, 6 mio. Euro for nanosystem competence center at Kiel University.

NINa-Newsletter no.2 (German)

Nanotechnology in therapy and diagnosis, success with brilliant nanotechnology made by Incoatec, Future Day 2016 at Kiel University: new talents for science and industry, highlights: molecular motors win Diehls-Planck-Prize, helium atoms used as precision tools.

Invitation: initiation of cross-border projects

The workshop „Innovative Nanomaterials – Initiation of Cross-Border Projects“ offers Danish and German companies information about EU funding. The event provides a framework for the exchange of ideas for R&D projects in the field of nanotechnology. The workshop is a cooperation of NINa SH e.V. and the University of Southern Denmark.

NINa-Newsletter no.1 (German)

NINa becomes NINa SH e.V.,
the new board of directors of NINa SH, coordination center nanotechnology in Schleswig-Holstein, highlights: switchable super-absorber, optimized nano-crystals for solar cells.

Meeting of members

The first meeting of members will take place on 27. March 2015 in Kiel. Of course, everyone interested in becoming a member is most welcome, too.

NINa is now NINa SH e.V.

The former “North German Initiative Nanomaterials”, NINa, has become a registered society and expands its mission to the whole field of nanotechnology.